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usgbcMulti-trade prefabrication - Improving efficiency, economy and adaptability in complex healthcare facilities new article
Our interest in prefabrication was sparked by a desire to bring efficiency and quality into a complex process, which we knew would bring value to our healthcare clients. We sought to lower construction costs and decrease construction time, while at the same time increasing the performance of intricate building systems. We know that through prefabrication we can improve functionality and aesthetics, and ultimately we can bring order to what has historically been a chaotic process.
Time : 1 - Unit(s) : 1 - Price : Free! - [USGBC]

usgbcPushing the Envelope - the Need for Enhanced Commissioning new article
Commissioning of building systems has become a routine practice in new building construction and major renovations, particularly with the advent of newer requirements arising from LEED® and other green building rating systems. The process for commissioning mechanical and electrical (M&E) systems has been refined over the last 30 years, and applied to a wide variety of infrastructure, with strong guidance from ASHRAE since the 1980's.
Time : 1 - Unit(s) : 1 - Price : Free! - [USGBC]

usgbcThe Earth Rangers Centre - Practical improvements achieve LEED Platinum EBOM new article
The Earth Rangers Centre [ERC] opened its doors in 2004. Designed to be office space, an animal rehabilitation hospital and long-term animal care facility, this unique building was designed to publicly affirm the environmental mission of its owner, Earth Rangers.
Time : 0 - Unit(s) : 0 - Price : Free! - [USGBC]

usgbcArchitectural Power to the People
As a civilization, we are on the cusp of a transformation from centralized energy generation to a distributed generation network that will redefine the built environment. The traditional model of large central distribution systems, such as hydro dams, fossil fuel fired power and nuclear power, have the potential to be mostly retired for an innovative and sustainable future.
Time : 1 - Unit(s) : 1 - Price : Free! - [USGBC]

usgbcTop Ten Ways to Get a Greener Building
Building designers care about climate change, and they care about the quality of the spaces they are designing, but opportunities are rarely fully capitalized upon to make their buildings better. From our perspective, that of a sustainability consultant and part of a national engineering firm, there are many ways that all building designers, be they engineers, architects, owners or managers, can improve the sustainable nature of their building project. We offer this guidance from a viewpoint locked in real business practice, rather than that of a hardcore environmentalist [even if some of us are]: sustainable approaches MUST make sense to the business community or they will not be adopted. So here are our top 10 ways a building designer might achieve a greener project - in no particular order. By Kalum Galle, Mark Lucuik and Jean-Pierre Mahé
Time : 1 - Unit(s) : 1 - Price : Free! - [USGBC]

AIBC All about green homebuilding in Canada.

AIBC All about commercial green building in Canada.